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Yanqing Park

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Mar 10, 2020 L M S


In October 2012, with the approval of the State Council, Yanqing Park was established with an area of 4.91 square kilometers. 

Yanqing Park is a traditional development zone, and is speeding up transformation of its development mode and adjusting its industrial structure. Currently it has formed a spatial layout of "One Park and Several Bases", and a development pattern led by the innovation of industrial clusters. Its development goal has been defined as the new poles of Beijing’s green science and technology and the new fulcrum of Beijing-Hebei synergetic development. Modern service industries such as ice and snow sports, modern gardening, and energy Internet are growing well in the park. 

At present, Yanqing Park is speeding up construction of the Innovative Homes project at the foot of the Great Wall and the Zhongguancun Modern Horticultural Industry Innovation Center, and promoting projects such as the National Center for Flower Engineering Technology Research, an energy Internet demonstration project, a smart micro power grid project, and the Green Cloud Computing Center, gathering more than 70 high-tech enterprises such as Xinuo Flower Planting, Xuezoo Technology, Beijing Composite Materials, and Zhongdian Intelligence. 

Preliminary statistics show that in 2018 the total enterprise income was 11.70 billion yuan and the total profit was 590 million yuan. Next, Yanqing Park will focus on the development of gardening technology, and actively cultivate sports technology, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection (clean energy, energy Internet) industries.