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Xicheng Park

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Mar 10, 2020 L M S


In October 2012, with the approval of the State Council, Xicheng Park was re-established on the basis of Desheng Park. Its planned area was expanded to 10 square kilometers, including three districts: The North (Desheng area), the West (Beizhan area) and the South (Guang'an area). 

Desheng area focuses on building an "R & D service, financial background, creative design" concentration zone; the Beizhan area focuses on building a "city design, fashion design, science and technology finance" concentration zone; and the Guang'an area focuses on building a "financial services and high-end trading" concentration zone.

Xicheng Park has been basically planned in an industrial pattern of which modern service is the main industry and R & D design, publishing creativity and science and technology financing are the main supports. It aims to become a concentration area of metropolitan modern service industries with a coordinated development of science and technology, culture and finance, and promote the construction of a financial science and technology and professional services innovation demonstration zone in Beijing. In order to optimize the development environment for enterprises, Xicheng Park has issued several policies and measures to support publishing creativity, technology hatching, design services, and financial technology. 

At present, the sub-park is home to 688 high-tech enterprises such as Qihoo 360 Techonology, Miteno, Union Mobile Financial Technology, Noitom, Grirem Advanced Materials and LKK Design. A number of financial technology enterprises are also in place, and include Mobile Finance Technology, Cloud Payment of China Everbright Bank, and Yunlizhihui. 

Preliminary statistics show that in 2018, the total enterprise income was 307 billion yuan and the total profit was 31.69 billion yuan. Next, Xicheng Park will focus on developing such industries as software and information services and digital creativity (industrial design, digital audio-visual), and actively nurture such industries as science and technology services and financial technology.