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Chaoyang Park

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Mar 10, 2020 L M S


In October 2012, with the approval of the State Council, Chaoyang Park was built to modernize and expand the former Electronic City. It has a planned area of 26.1 square kilometers, covering the east, west, and north of Electronic City, Jianxiang Park, Wangjing area, and Fatou central area. 

Highlighting the science and technology service industries with international R&D characteristics, making full play of its international advantages and environment, and relying on a number of transnational headquarters enterprises in research and development and technical service such as MSD Co and other technical service enterprises in areas of intellectual property rights and technology trading service platforms, Chaoyang Park is vigorously developing the science and technology service industry, building the Wangjing international talent community and deepening strategic cooperation with the future forum. It mainly develops the electronic information industry featuring artificial intelligence. Relying on Alibaba's intelligent speech recognition technology, image or video recognition, emotion analysis and Mega-dimensional intelligent robot technology, it strives to develop the artificial intelligence levels of public service platforms and the artificial intelligence software industry such as deep learning and brain-like intelligence. It also aims to strength the advanced manufacturing industry featuring "Industrial 4.0", and absorbs digital transformation experience from Siemens, Schneider and some other advanced manufacturing companies. It will vigorously develop the advanced manufacturing industry.

At present, Chaoyang Park has gathered 1,382 high-tech enterprises, among them MSD, Agilent, ABB, 58.com, Simens, Schneider and Apple. 

Preliminary statistics show that in 2018, the total enterprise income was 630 billion yuan and the total profit was 64 billion yuan. Next, Chaoyang Park will focus on developing a new generation of information technology, science and technology services and other industries, and actively foster pharmaceutical health, intelligent equipment R&D and other industries.