Zhongguancun AI park Phase I starts construction

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Feb 7, 2021 L M S


Rendering of the Zhongguancun Jingxi Artificial Intelligence Science Park [Photo/zgc-aipark.com]

Construction of the first phase of the main garden of the Zhongguancun Jingxi Artificial Intelligence Science Park, covering an area of 55 hectares and a total building area of 800,000 square meters, will start this year to provide office space and supporting industries and business services for technology companies. 

As a sample for the transformation and upgrading of industries in Mentougou district, the pilot area of the Jingxi AI Science Park has been in operation for one year, and has attracted 15 companies to settle in, accumulating rich operational experience for the main park.

Unlike most park projects, which are designed in advance, the construction of Jingxi AI Science Park adopts the "customized on-demand" model. 

"While conforming to the overall planning and design style, we will provide tailor-made services to customers, meeting such requirements as office and experimental space, floor height and load-bearing," said Zhou Rui, general manager of Beijing Zhongguancun Jingxi Construction Development Co Ltd.

The model was developed from the experience of pilot park operation. Since the planning and construction of the main park takes a long time, an idle pump factory located near the main park plot was renovated and built into a pilot park in 2019. 

Through an ingenious design the old pump factory was transformed into a brand new building. Due to its superior floor height and load-bearing conditions, it can not only provide office areas but can also meet the needs of small-scale experiments and manufacturing.

"In the past two years, we have conducted research and development of intelligent security inspection system technology and platforms, using AI to assist manpower to judge dangerous goods such as knives, lighters, inflammable and explosive materials," mentioned Liu Zhiming, general manager of Mingchuang Kaiyuan. The company moved into the pilot garden together with its laboratory last year.

The first phase of the main park will focus on the R&D functions of the two leading industries of the Zhongguancun Science Park: next-generation information technology and biology and health.

The park will also carry out pilot trials with small-scale trial production and corresponding office links, providing a high-quality, characteristic and standardized AI Industrialization base and a high-end service platform for Beijing AI+ industrialization.