Zhongguancun builds new technologies and products launch platform

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Mar 24, 2021 L M S

An 8K+5G ultra-high-definition broadcast vehicle, an artificial intelligence trail system, an edge security integrated machine... Nearly 20 new technologies and products developed by more than ten science-and-technology enterprises in Zhongguancun have made their debut at the opening ceremony of a new technologies and products launch platform, which was held in Beijing on March 23.

The event focused on cutting-edge information technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and intelligent equipment. It brought together frontier innovative companies, institutions, and scientific research institutes from home and abroad to release a batch of new technologies, products, services and models, through a combination of online and offline methods, to show the R&D strength of Zhongguancun enterprises.

The world’s first 8K+5G ultra-high-definition video broadcast vehicle, independently developed and designed by the Ultra HD Video (Beijing) Production Technology Collaboration Center, is currently the world's largest audiovisual system, with the most advanced ultra-high-definition video technology, and the only broadcast vehicle in the world that can produce 8K and 4K programs at the same time. It has the ability to produce 8K video and mainstream 3D sound and audio such as 22.2 channels, and has a powerful vehicle network system as well as 5G collaborative work capabilities.

An edge AI Network Security Recorder that can identify strangers, fires, and garbage was also launched. It can provide intelligent services based on artificial intelligence recognition models in parks, buildings, schools, communities, factories and other scenarios.

"The Network Security Recorder does not require special networking, and can be adapted to more than 99 percent of the cameras on the market," said Ai Jiayu, product manager of Asia Info (China) Co., Ltd. "Its core is equipped with an artificial intelligence model to monitor video content through big data analysis, with an accuracy rate of over 95 percent. It also has the ability to automate processing and achieve a second-level response.”

Zhongguancun technology companies including Deep Glint and Chuangze Smart Robot also released new products such as artificial intelligence trail system and 5G intelligent security inspection robots.

Companies from United States, Italy, Canada, Russia, and Israel also carried out on-line demonstrations.

A wind turbine automatic inspection and evaluation system developed by a US company reduces unplanned maintenance of wind turbines through improved predictive analysis and condition-based maintenance prescriptions, and more accurately monitors the turbines and their blades.