Cultivating high-value patents in intelligent sensing

Updated: Sep 27, 2021 L M S

At the 2021 Zhongguancun Forum Global Intellectual Property Protection and Innovation Forum, Beijing Intellectual Property Operation Management Co., Ltd., or Beijing IP and Beijing Huairou Instrument and Sensor Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

Beijing IP is China's first high-value intellectual property cultivation and operation national institution. 

By establishing the first domestic IP equity investment fund in intelligent sensing and other market-oriented methods, it has cultivated several key patented technologies in the field of intelligent sensing, amplified the economic value of IP, and enhanced the independent controllability of the industry.

As China's first state-owned organization dedicated to IP operations initiated by the government, Beijing IP is an important platform for Zhongguancun, offering full-chain professional services such as big data solutions, finance, protection, cultivation and transformation of high-value patents.