Over 210 technology projects unveiled at Zhongguancun venue

Updated: Oct 22, 2021 L M S


Professor Wang Lejin, one of the founders of Super Vision, introduces the company's newly developed product. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The 2021 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week officially launched on Oct 19. Its Beijing venue opened in the exhibition center of the Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.

This year's theme exhibition includes four indoor exhibition areas and an outdoor intelligent equipment display area. 

More than 210 entrepreneurial projects and related service organizations were displayed in the form of objects, models, and multimedia.

A nasal spray influenza virus carrier COVID-19 vaccine that can be used without injections, the super-scale intelligence model WuDao, and the Chinese space station Tianhe's core module model are all being featured at the event.

The first indoor exhibition area of "Independent Innovation" is exhibiting more than 40 projects on artificial intelligence, blockchain, biomedicine, integrated circuits, high-end equipment, new materials, modern agriculture and other fields.

Besides, the exhibition area of "Cutting-Edge Development" displays over 50 projects. 

In this exhibition area, visitors can not only get close to high-end equipment such as Rokae Technology's flexible collaborative robots and a magnetic levitation molecular pump by KYKY Technology, but also see Soar Sea's non-water environmentally friendly biodegradable toilets, visionICs's big data smart supervision system and other representative projects in the field of carbon neutrality.

As the world's first hardware-software blockchain bottom-level platform, ChainMaker has also attracted attention at the exhibition. 

It can be used for imported cold chain food to realize the traceablity of the source and distribution of the food. Currently, ChainMaker can realize 100,000 transactions per second.

Congenital nystagmus is known as an incurable disease in the field of ophthalmology. The extraocular neuromuscular stimulator implant I-NYS IMP01 developed by Super Vision uses neuromodulation technology to control abnormal brain discharge by regulating neuromuscular pathways. 

In the exhibition area of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Create a New Life", visitors can learn about this project.

This exhibition area focuses on the achievements of Beijing's work in stimulating the innovation vitality of society, including more than 40 projects such as the Haidian City Brain, implantable nystagmus electric stimulator, Cyberverse Holographic Internet, and silage fodder.

In the display area for professional platforms, over 50 projects are being exhibited, including many new professional incubation platforms, like BioFront Pharmaceutical Incubator and MiraclePlus.

In addition, an outdoor intelligent equipment exhibition area focuses on the application of intelligent technology in the fields of autonomous driving, drones, and high-end equipment. 

Visitors can visit the FH-98 large unmanned transport aircraft and TD220 coaxial dual-rotor unmanned helicopter, as well as third-generation mass-produced cockpits, logistics robots and other technological projects.

This theme exhibition will be held from Oct 19 to 25, and opened to the public on Oct 20.