Zhongguancun 5G Application Contest comes to close

Updated: Oct 29, 2021 L M S

The finals of the 2021 Zhongguancun 5G Innovation Application Competition ended in Beijing on Oct 22.

After fierce competition, two projects shared first prize -- 5G fully-connected intelligent logistics technology construction and logistics center application in the post-pandemic era, and a 5G+AI-based traffic video fusion perception and digital twin highway system. 

Projects such as smart 5G unmanned mine overall solutions, 5G-based urban terminal unmanned distribution solutions, and 5G+8K immersive live broadcast application solutions won the second and third prizes. 

Zhongguancun 5G Application Contest comes to close.png

Winners receive their prizes. [Photo/zgcgw.beijing.gov.cn]

More than 80 percent of projects in the competition have been commercialized with total project investment exceeding 20 billion yuan ($3.13 billion).

The competition focused on exploring innovative projects in key components, virtual private networks and vertical industries. 

Many projects achieved technological breakthroughs in related fields, leading technologies in key links around the world.

In addition, the competition also selected a number of benchmark solutions to support the urban construction of the digital economy. 

Driven by the competition, a large number of high-quality projects in smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart medical and other fields have emerged.

The competition also promoted the linkage between the central and local governments, helping the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region reach a new level. 

According to statistics, this competition attracted nearly 90 projects from Tianjin municipality and Hebei province, with a total investment of nearly 4 billion yuan. 

Among them, Beijing provided overall solutions, and more than 15 projects have been replicated and applied in Tianjin municipality and Hebei province.