2nd ZGC International Standardization Theme Week launched

Updated: Jan 12, 2022 L M S

The Second Zhongguancun International Standardization Theme Week, guided by the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee, and co-sponsored by the Zhongguancun Standardization Association and the International Standardization Outstanding Contribution Award Foundation, opened in Beijing on Jan 11.

55.pngRepresentatives of companies obtaining the 2021 "1-mark" certification pose for a group photo. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

At the meeting, five companies obtained the 2021 Zhongguancun "1-mark" certification; the Zhongguancun Standardization Association User Committee and the Investment Committee were established; the first 12 Zhongguancun Standardization Association Sub-Technical Committees were licensed; and the Zhongguancun Standard certificates for major applications were awarded.

Zhongguancun Standard refers to a common brand of advanced association standards. Its mission is to support the formation of world-class technologies, products and services, to open up the channel of standards to the market, and to escort the implementation of major projects, engineering construction and consumption upgrades.

By the end of 2021, Zhongguancun enterprises and industry alliances had led the creation and release of 15,172 standards, including 605 international standards, 7,559 national standards, 3,495 industry standards, 463 local standards, and 3,050 group standards.

So far, 111 Zhongguancun Standards have been released. 

In November 2021, the Zhongguancun standard "Competence Evaluation of Task-based Intelligent Dialogue System" (T/ZSA 15-2021) was successfully established in the IEEE, which is the first Zhongguancun standard to be adopted by an international advanced standardization organization.

At this year's Zhongguancun International Standardization Theme Week, the achievements of Zhongguancun's standardization were recognized.

The "1-mark" is based on the Zhongguancun Standard and relies on a voluntary certification mark carried out by a third-party testing and certification agency with good qualifications, professional capabilities and reputation. 

Beijing Neatrition Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Digibird Technology Co., Ltd., Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd., etc. obtained the 2021 "1-mark" certification at this plenary meeting.

The conference also awarded the first set of Zhongguancun Standardization Association Sub-Technical Committee awards, covering 12 industrial directions such as blockchain, intelligent transportation, cell therapy, application of traditional Chinese medicine in stock farming, intelligent terminals and system architecture.

Five Zhongguancun Standards applied to the 2022 Winter Olympics, the centennial celebration of the founding of the Communist Party, and the 2021 Spring Festival Gala were rated as major applications in 2021. 

The "General Technical Specifications for Virtual Reality (VR) Lidar 3D Scanning Cameras" applied to the Winter Olympics and the "3D Printing Insole" applied to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are two examples.