ZGC Life Science Park creates highland for medical industries

Updated: Mar 17, 2023 L M S

Development and construction of the Zhongguancun Life Science Park started in 2000. After more than 20 years of development, the park has gathered a number of national scientific and technological forces such as the Changping Laboratory, the Beijing Institute of Life Sciences, the Beijing Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Research Center, and the National Protein Science Center.

More than 600 innovative leading enterprises and over 300 well-known scientists and high-level talents have gathered here.

Currently, the main project of the Changping Laboratory Core Area has started, and the next step will be to ensure that the project is completed and put into operation on schedule so that professional teams like the Tsinghua Industrial Research Institute, Bio2 and ATLATL can provide international, professional, and market-oriented industrial operation services for innovative enterprises. 

Sixty-eight new businesses in the area, like Bei Qi Sheng Wu and Jian Da Jiu Zhou, have been established by well-known scientists. 

Coordinating the layout of key platforms, the country's first international research-oriented hospital has been completed and started decoration; LotusLake BioMedical Technology a (cell and gene therapy innovation center) and the Huahui Health Large Molecule Drug Pilot Plant have been put into operation.

After years of cultivation, the life science park has entered a period of outbreaks of innovative achievements, with a number of original achievements with world influence like high-precision personalized brain function subdivision technology emerging. 

Companies like BeiGene and InnoCare have developed a number of original new Chinese medicines that are going global, while EdiGene and Shukun Technology have successively launched a number of globally and domestically leading innovative products. 

In 2022, the total revenue and output value of the medical and health industry in Changping district reached 80 billion yuan and 30.4 billion yuan ($4.42 billion) respectively, and showed an average annual growth rate of 14 percent and 19 percent in the past three years.

In addition, the life science park is promoting the construction of a "one-stop, one-room, one-hall, and one-platform" free trade service system, with an international talent activity room, a foreigner service hall, and a centralized registration platform for enterprises that is already in use.